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We can provide OEM and ODM services. All of our products carry a 2 years warranty and durable maintenance and repair support. We also provide biometric devices, such as fingerprint scanner, face recognition camera. RFID card reader, QR code scanner. If you need to integrate these devices on the turnstile gate or have any questions, please request a quote.

Technical Parameter:

System: Hydraulic Pressure Drive
Passing pressure: 120 tons of container trucks
Voltage: 3pahses 380(Control voltage 24V)
System Dynamic power (w): 3.75KW/5.5KW
Rising time: ≤1-3S (Adjustable)
Lowering time: ≤1-3S (Adjustable)
Working Temperature: -35℃~75℃ (suitable)
Material thickness: 16MM (standard)
Material: A3 steel with anti-rust paint
Color: Optional
Weight: 1.5T
IP rate: IP68
The roadblock has a buffer function
Buffer time: 0.2-0.5s
LED light with various color options
Traffic light, boom barrierLink-control interface
In case of a power outage, the roadblocks can be manually raised and lowered
Reliable structure, heavy-duty load, smooth action, low noise.
Remote control distance: 50-100m(According to the environment)
In raising and falling, a reversible operation is available.
The device running noise≤60decibel
The hydraulic cylinder is double-sealed to ensure a waterproof rating
The hydraulic drive comes with a hydraulic lock
Welding steel cylinder
PLC programming command control system
Control solenoid valve 24V
Lifting solenoid valve 24V
The control box displays text adjustable(Up, Down, Action, and Time control adjustable)
Text display with Chinese and English bilingual
PLC built-in encryption system
Text LCD display, precision start time setting
Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders: HOB63-200CA+I Stroke200  Heavy-duty Industrial Level
Double dynamic double oil pump 2.3ML/time
Oil container:60liter
Hydraulic oil hose: PT international interface, 1/2 Double wire high-pressure hose
Road blocker size: Standard Length is 3 meters or 5 meters
L2000(mm)*W1000(mm)*H760(cm), Rising height:500(Customized)
L2500(mm)*W1000(mm)*H760(cm), Rising height:500(Customized)
L3000(mm)*W1000(mm)*H760(cm), Rising height:500(Customized)
L3500(mm)*W1000(mm)*H760(cm), Rising height:500(Customized)
L4000(mm)*W1000(mm)*H760(cm), Rising height:500(Customized)
L4500(mm)*W1000(mm)*H760(cm), Rising height:500(Customized)
L5000(mm)*W1000(mm)*H760(cm), Rising height:500(Customized)
L5500(mm)*W1000(mm)*H760(cm), Rising height:500(Customized)
L6000(mm)*W1000(mm)*H760(cm), Rising height: 500(Customized)